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At the end of a double day...

Well, after a long, long day yesterday, which actually saw me managing nearly 24 hours solidly awake, I am in Salt Lake City, sitting on the floor of the toilet in my room as it's the best place for the hotel's free wireless broadband to actually work..

The journey over was good - one of Virgin's new 747-400's with the video on demand system (Charlies Angels 2, A Mighty Wind and The Shawshank Redemption), and I was able to get my first flight up in the bubble. I had a lovely view of Mount Shasta as we came down the west coast of the US. I had a bit of a wait at SFO, but my friend Rick WINOLJ was able to pop by and share an iced tea, before I got the full secondary search experience on my way to boarding a Canadair Challenger for the hop up to Salt Lake City - flying through the sunset over the High Sierras and Lake Tahoe. Beautiful.

As it is with most of my transatlantic trips, I can't get this Thomas Dolby song out of my head...

Flying North

Metal bird dip wing of fire
whose airlanes comb dark Earth
the poles are tether we were born in
on thr brink of a whole new deal
on the floor of a hotel bar
I'm staring right into the light
and I'm drawn in like a moth
and I'm flying North again...

Here come the men in suits
paper waving in the runway glare
Lincoln streaming in the chilly air of the morning
at the end of a double day
at the back of an airport lounge
I'm staring down into the cold
and I'm warn out like a cloth
and I'm flying North again tonight.

Down with the landing gear
up goes the useless prayer
the poles are tethers we were born in
now I'm back in the London night
on a bench in a launderette
I'm staring right into my face
and I'm drawn out like a plot
and I'm flying North again tonight.
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