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I've seen things you wouldn't believe...

...or in this case, heard.

Last week in an otherwise excellent greek restaurant on 7th Avenue in New York, a few blocks up from Times Square, the background music playing was Vangelis' excellent Bladerunner soundtrack...

...on traditional greek instruments.


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Oct. 24th, 2003 05:37 am (UTC)
Oct. 24th, 2003 06:07 am (UTC)
Wow! Different - but do they dream of electric bazouki? [grin]

[cough] Server email [cough][grin][blush]
Oct. 24th, 2003 06:37 am (UTC)
Yes.. sorry - been a week.

Dual PII 350, 512MB RAM, can't remember disk size without turning it on...
Oct. 27th, 2003 05:33 am (UTC)
Cheers - will take this back to email!
Oct. 24th, 2003 06:31 am (UTC)
That's definitely right up there with "Rocky Top" arranged for mariachi, and likewise both "Rocky Top" and "Happy Birthday" on bagpipe. On the other hand, "Scotland the Brave" arranged for bluegrass is pretty darned cool.
Oct. 24th, 2003 06:49 am (UTC)
Collector's item for an SF obscurist!
Oct. 25th, 2003 11:39 am (UTC)
Oct. 27th, 2003 06:46 am (UTC)
A friend of mine was shopping in a California supermarket when he noticed that the muzak system was playing the medication time music from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

He got out of there sharpish.
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