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Saturday Morning Capsule Reviews

OK, I'm sorry - I've let it slip so much that there's no way I can write a proper set of reviews for all the books I've read since I last wrote one up... But, I still want to keep some sort of record of them, so I'll resort to use two or three entries to write up a set of short reviews of several books at a time.

The Spirit Of Thunder, Kurt R.A. Giambastiani
The second in an ongoing alternate history of the American West, where Native Americans ride dinosaurs and Custer is the US pesident. Custer's son is living a "Dances With Wolves" life with the Cheyenne, and dealing with betrayal and lies from the expansionist colonists in the East. Gold and rail bridges threaten the future of the Cheyenne. Can Custer Jr. save them again?

Year's Best SF 7, ed. David G. Hartwell
Hartwell's anthology series is one of three Best SF anthologies currently running, and probably the middle runner in terms of quality (sandwiched between the Dozois and the Silverberg/Haber). A good selection of stories, with the standout being Simon Ing's moving "Russian Vine". Worth taking along on a long trip, for a quick dip into quality SF.

Redshift, ed. Al Sarrantonio
An admirable, but failed, attempt at being a Dangerous Visions for our time, Sarrantonio attempts to bring together cutting edge fantastic fiction from all the sub genres into a single volume. It's a pity, but the mix just doesn't quite work. There are standout stories here, notably Dan Simmons' climbing adventure and Elizabeth Hand's chilling Camden horror "Cleopatra Brimstone". It's a book I'm still unsure about recommending, even for these excellent pieces...

Bad Timing (and other stories), Molly Brown
Molly's been part of the UK fantastic fiction scene for many years now, writing stories that slip between genres with ease. This, her first collection, brings together many years worth of moving stories and powerful narratives. Compelling characters and edgy plots make this a gripping read. Well worth hunting down - a task made much harder now by the unfortunate closure of Big Engine.

More reviews to come later...
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