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Krazy Kat Saves The World

Looking at this made me think of this old thing...

Krazy Kat saves the world (again)

Krazy runs the gauntlet
carrying her prize,
the future,
stolen from the hands,
the very hands
(soiled and grasping)
of Big Brother.

The sprite smiles
as she dances out
our triumph.
Big Brother glances,
and hefts his brick
(no Ignatz love here).
He wants revenge.

In his hoard
he'd kept the future,
kept hopes
(Pandora his prisoner
in that box)
and sold his captives
to the highest bidder.

But Krazy Kat
in her wise madness
leapt in
leapt out
broke the locks
burnt the codes
and freed the future.

Big Brother throws
ballistic bricks
to wall our heroine,
to trap the child future
the stork lost.
Big Brother missed!
And Krazy runs on home.

She'll feed it,
with love
with crazy hopes
and let it fly free.
And we,
in our sundry Coconinos,
can touch it.
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