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More on the RIPA

Now this article is really scary. A Home Office minister has admitted on live radio that the proposed extensions to RIPA just codify what is already common practice.

If you haven't faxed your MP, do it now. In fact, in light of this admission, do it again!

Dear Mr Tony Colman,

Further to my fax of last week, I now understand that the proposed extensions to the RIPA are only intended to codify what is already happening.

I voted for this government on the grounds that it was intending to introduce human rights legislation, a freedom of information bill, and had a commitment to civil liberties. Instead, I have ended up with a government that has provided us with the greatest erosion of civil liberties that we have seen in Britain.

I am saddened to see your promises betrayed in this manner.

Yours Faithfully

Simon Bisson
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