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My new desk...

...or at least what I did to my usual desk at the weekend...

marypcb and I both went dual monitor at the weekend, thanks to codepope having a little bit of a clear out. So now I have a pair of 17" LCD monitors, hooked up to a pair of Radeon graphic cards. Using XP's built in tools, they're actually a single desktop, so I can have research in one screen, while I write in the other. Or Dreamweaver in one and a live site view in the other. Or email and a Friends view in one, while I read news, do CiX and chat on Trillian in the other.

Bolting the panels onto the stand was, err, non-trivial. But it works. I now need to get it adjusted just the way I want.

Well you get the picture. Just think of it as superfluous technology in action...

A desk

The eagle-eyed will spot the Lego and the cunningly hidden Cthulu, as well as various left over ID badges from clients and conferences.

Another view of the same desk
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