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Clearing up the Channel

The English Channel is possibly the worlds busiest seaway. It's not surprising then, that a sunken car carrier slap bang in the middle of the Channel is the site of one of the world's largest salvage operations. As the site says:
The ‘TRICOLOR’ is a 1987 built Norwegian flagged vehicle carrier, which, in the early hours of 14 December 2002, was struck by ‘Kariba’, a 1982 built Bahamian flagged container ship in the French Exclusive Economic Zone some 20 miles north of the French coast in the English channel.

TRICOLOR sank as a result of the impact of the striking and was eventually declared a total loss. In December 2002 French authorities ordered the TRICOLOR to be removed, as it was perceived to represent a danger to shipping and the environment.
An excellent site, showing the work being done to remove a massive sunken ship from a very hazardous position in the English Channel.

[Update: and there's lots of cool machinery involved!]

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