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Nice weather for ducks...

...to go for a walk up the high street.

Went into Putney to buy a fan for the office. One the way back from the hardware shop, I wandered into the Body Shop. While I looked for some lavender wash, I heard an odd noise. Something was making that persitant quacking noise that ducks with ducklings in tow tend to make. Thinking it was some sort of ambient music, I returned to my fruitless hunt.

As I walked towards the door, I saw a crowd of people.

And then I saw the ducks.

Or rather the duck, and the four ducklings.

Someone was on the phone trying to contact the RSPCA, so I suggested she call the Animal Hospital (yes, the one from the TV series), which was only a couple of streets over. Another woman was trying to put the ducks into a shopping basket, which wouln't have been a good idea at all - they were obviously distressed and overheated. In the end, they were barricaded into the shop with a little line of shopping baskets, while the girl with the phone explained the situation to the Animal Hospital folks.

I wonder if Rolf Harris came to collect them...

Hopefully they're now back down by the river, where they belong.