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A blast from the past of the Scary Devil Monastery: Aaargh!

Somedays nothing goes right.

Sunday lunchtime the technical beeper goes off. It's Elly, and the service has fallen over.

I log on and confirm it. No life from anything on our London LAN, it looks like a dead router.

Oh shit.

I dash out to Shepton, to contact the people who have a management contract (once I find their number) for our site. It only takes them four hours to send someone to press a button... I could have go there faster, but I'm stuck at my desk fending phone calls from a telco who don't seem to understand contracts.

The router doesn't reset, and it's too late to get an engineer out.

Oh fsck.

Nothing I can do, and customer support haven't told mne how to change the voice mail system. I can here the phone ringing, and I know we're going to be down for at least another 12 hours, and there's nothing I can do.

Help! The adrenalin has worn off. I'm hungry, and completely shattered. And its 20 miles back to Bath, and my car has "go-faster-letters", and there's a tape of the Simpsons, and Mary's cooking me a bowl of pasta. You're another driver on the A367 Shepton Mallet-Radstock Bath road - do you feel lucky?

Monday morning, the support desk duly warned, I contact one of my people who's drawn the short straw, and has had to lose a day off and go to London. (Hah!)

The engineer turns up and replaces the router. Everything works.

Hey ho.

This morning the main database machine decides to fall over after 230 days of uptime. And to cap it all, the Bath Disney Store sold out of Buzz Lightyear figures just before I could get there.

Somedays you just can't win.

As ever, reporting from the bleeding edge of consumer ISP technology.

(Another story from the early days of life in as an ISP)
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