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Unshared interests memeage

Via missfairchild and flick: "I keep a vague eye on the user info of most people on my friends list, and am always intrigued by the unshared ones. So I'd like to know a little more about the unshared interests you list. What are your favourite ones? What do they mean to you? And why are you such contrary buggers that nobody else on LJ seems to agree with your choices?"

I have to admit my unshared interests are probably rather boring. Which is probably why only I have them...
  • application development advisor is a magazine I write a column for. It's very good (the magazine as a whole, not just my column), and it's the only remaining European English language developer title.

  • computer journalism is what I spend most of my time doing these days.

  • context computing is an interesting spin out of ubiquitous computing, where the current actions of the user determine the services and interface offered. My friend Tac and I were working on the idea of a context matrix, where application and UI designers could capture the information they need to manage how their systems would handle context back in our Scient days. It's a project I still wish we'd be able to finish.

  • deadringers is, of course, a typo for Dead Ringers, the wonderful Radio 4 satirical impressions programme. I really must get round to fixing it some day...

  • fred gambino is one of my favourite SF cover artists. I have one of 4 prints of his cover for the UK edition of David Brin's Heaven's Reach on the wall here in the East Putney Museum Of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Sequential Art...

  • intelligence amplification is the idea of using technology to improve the way we interact with the world. I'd recommend reading Vernor Vinge's short story "Bookworm, Run" to understand what it could mean.

  • it journalism, see computer journalism!

  • jerriais is what should be my native language. I am ashamed to admit that I can't speak more than a few words of it.

  • scranletting ticklepenny corner is what Seth and Amos ("Seth and Amos, too! Send gumboots!") do in Stella Gibbon's wonderful Cold Comfort Farm. I only put this one in to confuse people. I don't think it worked...

  • sf art is what I collect. Currently I own a large number of pieces by artists like Jim Burns, John Harris, Chris Moore, Bryan Talbot, SMS and Fred Gambino. These range from full original book covers, to pencil and digital studies for later works, along with limited edition photographs and prints of digital works.

  • the spike is another way of describing the singularity. It's a term used by Damien Broderick, and I think it's a better description of what lies ahead of us. It's also what I'm trying to write about in my SF. It is not a Buffy reference, OK?

  • writing sf is something I try to do... I'm not as good at it as I'd like, and I don't put enough time to get better...
So there you have it. The missing bits of my list...
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