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Fun with TV studios

Last night we went along to a "Dead Ringers" recording at the BBC's Television Centre.

Now, I've been to one or two radio recordings and watched them putting together a "Bremner, Bird and Fortune", so I pretty knew what to expect. Arrive in plenty of time to get a seat, and then sit back and enjoy the takes and the retakes and the bits of video... And that was pretty much the drill. The audience was small - 150 or so at the most, and the cast only used two sets for the audience-recorded materials. As the cast came on, they each did a few impressions.

They recorded a couple of Newsnight skits (one featuring the delightful Snuffy the cute WMD), a couple of Today in Politics, and a string of News at Six, and several Greg Dykes. The video snippets were excellent, including a lovely one of Simon Schama buying a house from an unsuspecting estate agent, and round-the-world yachtswoman Ellen Macarthur cleaning her house...

A fun evening out, and one that contained more than expected. Well worth the journey!

It'll be broadcast tonight on BBC 2.

London folk - it's well worth seeing if you can get tickets. Like all BBC live events, tickets are free, if limited!
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