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An alternate view of London

London is a surprising city. Take a walk down a street and at each turn you'll see something new, or something that casts a familiar sight in a different light.

Thursday night I went on a boat trip down the Thames to celebrate O'Reilly's 25th anniversary. Despite Tim O'Reilly's transport hiccups and a late departure the journey was an interesting one, as the grey skies cleared and the river swell subsided (and we were plied with food and drink).

The sun slowly set, and the golden light of a midsummer evening made it impossible not to pull out the camera, and to try an capture some of the beauty of the light on the water and on the buildings...

The sun shines through the Palace of Westminster

Tower Bridge and the silver river

A Thames barge slowly trawls past the towers of Docklands

The sun sets behind two of London's tallest towers
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