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A Church Not Made With Hands (Part 2)

The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane isn't quite the usual place for a concert, but then again an evening with The Waterboys is something more than an average gig. Mike Scott's enthusiasm, the themes of his songs, and the solid competence of his band combine to turn it into an almost religious experience. Perhaps it's the post-Christian Celtic paganism at the heart of the songs, perhaps it's the mix of Irish and Scots folk rhythms into the songs. Perhaps it's just because I like their records...

It was a gig of two sets. The first, acoustic, set mixed old and new songs - including plenty of old favourites. While I generally prefer Mike Scott's acoustic approach, the second amped set was some of the best I've heard The Waterboys play - including a superb version of "Glastonbury Song". It's good to see Mike Scott playing with a band again, he needs a group of musicians to work against to get the most from his rambling, eclectic mysticism.

It was interesting to see how some of the songs the band had tried out at last year's Meltdown festival acoustic gig had turned into tracks from the new album, Universal Hall. The title track, a song about the Findhorn Community's central arts centre (where the album was recorded), works really well live, and was complimented by an excellent long version of "The Pan Within"...

An excellent gig, by an excellent band.

in this library i could lose myself
transports, gateways on every shelf
dark words, bright words of ice and fire
as if an angel did descend and use the writer as a pen
for here are 'avalon of the heart'
'flight into freedom'
macdonald's 'lilith' and 'fantastes'
lewis's 'perelandra'
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