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  • Thu, 15:06: I always used to hate configuring audio on Linux. WSLg makes all that go away. 👍
  • Thu, 15:14: It's always nice to see a new client's test $0.01 ACH payment arrive. Because that means the rest of the funds are on the way!
  • Thu, 15:14: 900+ words on WSLg so far.
  • Thu, 15:18: Tubular Bells for epic trance:
  • Thu, 22:09: Recent Reads: Later. Stephen King's latest Hard Case crime novel is another coming of age story, that of a boy who can talk to the dead. Forced into using his gift, he finds himself haunted by an evil spirit. Death is all around Jamie, can he save himself from what waits, later?
  • Thu, 22:35: Whoa. Season 3 of Final Space is really dark.
  • Fri, 10:49: Rooting for a Dragon on St George's Day....
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