September 21st, 2021

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  • Mon, 14:57: RT @half_a_billion: #Chocolate #fossils anyone? These delicious casts of #Ediacaran fossils were created by Jo Bain from the South Australi…
  • Mon, 15:55: I'd kind of got used to quiet early mornings with fewer US-UK flights...
  • Mon, 16:00: Possibly my favourite Noggin book.
  • Mon, 16:07: Over at @techrepublic I take a look at using both Office 365's My Sign-ins page and Azure Active Directory to examine attacks on your accounts, looking for unused services to turn off and targeted users to switch to MFA.
  • Mon, 16:27: Recent Reads: Rivers Of London - Black Mould. Ben Aarononvitch's graphic novel explores the inequities of London's housing market, now and in the past. Slumlords may own multi-million pound properties now, but the ghosts of their past want revenge. Jazz, vodoun, and witches.
  • Mon, 16:34: The point when you're writing a column and you suddenly realise WHY something is happening the way it is.
  • Mon, 16:54: With the autumnal equinox tomorrow, technically @qualcomm has one more day to give us more details on the Windows on ARM Snapdragon dev kit...
  • Mon, 17:29: Jersey has started its booster program. My mother had hers this afternoon.
  • Mon, 18:56: iPhone updated, iPad and Watch updating. wot the hell archie, wot the hell.
  • Mon, 18:57: Mad time ensues as two Maine Coons leap from floor to cat treetop and back and then vanish off out the office at speed. The thunder of not-so-little paws.
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