February 18th, 2021

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  • Wed, 14:23: Kbunbtu through xrdp on Ubuntu Community Preview on WSL 2 is a pretty good impression of what WSL's forthcoming GUI support will be like. Roll on the Mesa drivers.
  • Wed, 15:16: So @quinnypig gets a profile in the NYT. I have to say that there is so much snark in the last paragraph I half expected it to have been written by him... https://t.co/b67TqyIYR8
  • Wed, 15:18: RT @marcorus: Welcome to https://t.co/zTauiQb7Xe! You can write and run DAX queries over a sample Contoso database using a web page: no se…
  • Wed, 15:54: Oh excellent, Your Phone in Windows 10 has turned on multiple app support for Note 10+ devices that have been updated to WinUI 3.0. It wasn't working yesterday, it is today!
  • Wed, 16:00: Trying to work out if the mid-air beak bashing of two parrots was mating or fighting. I'm coming down on the side of fighting as they seemed to be wanting the same branch...
  • Wed, 16:02: RT @Maria07505740: Etna sicily show https://t.co/ccXXMNNDrI
  • Wed, 16:20: RT @mfussell: This is a perfect example of the growing and inclusive Dapr community. https://t.co/l2ioLLZgRO
  • Wed, 16:24: As an early Tablet PC user, back in the XP days, I was a big user of the original Journal. It'll be interesting to see how this new Journal picks up the baton... https://t.co/TBs0rDv8vW
  • Wed, 17:42: Trying to get the new Modern Remote Desktop to work against a non-standard RDP port and not getting anywhere. Anyone been able to get it to work on anything other than 3389?
  • Wed, 17:46: RT @arunulag: Customers trust #PowerBI with critical data, and we take security very seriously. In a cloud, remote everything world... sec…
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