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An ethical question...

Travelling home on the tube this evening, I was on the look out for a dumped copy of the Evening Standard's "Homes and Property" supplement (not for me, for marypcb, who is an avid consumer of design supplements and what I call "house porn").

A chap opposite me dumped his copy, leaving it perched behind a snoozing salaryman. So, as I left the tube at Earl's Court, behind the gentleman in question, I picked up the copy. As I did so, he left the carriage and stepped on to the platform. As I was folding the paper up to put into my bag, he turned and asked for it...

Should I have given it to him?

I handed it over. And then found another copy on the Wimbledon train I caught a few minutes later.

However there's a big part of me that's still thinking "No - you deliberately left that behind. If you really wanted it, you'd have picked it up when the salaryman sat down and put it on the window ledge, instead of leaving it there for the entire journey from Picadilly to Earl's Court...
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