October 23rd, 2019

My tweets

  • Tue, 17:57: Over at @infoworld my Enterprise Microsoft column takes a look at one of Microsoft's recent open source announcemen… https://t.co/Y3zPjd0HLI
  • Wed, 01:51: Some deep reading for the end of the day: I explain the Open Application Model and how it's going to change how you… https://t.co/TYP82fP5Ge
  • Wed, 01:53: Today's lunch meeting ended up with us swapping reading lists. These are the best meetings.
  • Wed, 02:47: RT @TommyLee: ANNOUNCEMENT: Microsoft Research releases 3 technologies to enhance #SpatialComputing / #VirtualReality: 👓 Mise-Unseen 👓 Dre…
  • Wed, 02:55: RT @GrahamTG: Eagle Transporter. I have to shamefacedly admit that I've only seen a couple of episodes of Space:1999 ! I'll have to remedy…
  • Wed, 03:06: If you want good New York-style pizza in the Bay Area, it's worth trying Vesta in Redwood City. We had excellent pies there today!
  • Wed, 03:20: So today I learned that UK MPs can only amend a bill at the committee stage if they vote *for* its second reading.… https://t.co/FATvFHeJnv