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July 6th, 2017

My tweets

  • Wed, 18:03: RT @infoworld: Get started with the Windows Subsystem for #Linux, by @sbisson - https://t.co/2zE3RkgID1 #wsl
  • Wed, 21:22: RT @ThatWeissGuy: The word for "webmaster in Jèrriais (Norman language spoken on the Channel Island of Jersey) is "maître-pêtre." Literall…
  • Wed, 22:02: RT @migueldeicaza: Good thread; This is why my favorite approach is to share business logic/UI-less code and build native UX, despite cos…
  • Thu, 05:20: Is the @panos_panay welcome message sent when you register a Surface Laptop colour-coordinated to your device? I'm thinking it might be...
  • Thu, 06:59: What if pineapple on pizza is Canada's equivalent of the child in the dungeon in LeGuin's Omelas? Every utopia needs a flaw.