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March 14th, 2017

My tweets

  • Mon, 12:18: I thought they were the Conservative and Unionist Party? Seems like it's time to remember that and step back from this precipice.
  • Mon, 12:30: (Angry and impassioned letter written to my MP. It won't do any good, but it's all I can do...)
  • Mon, 12:50: Working on an explainer on the differences between .NET. It's like a duck, I'm going to say...
  • Mon, 14:11: Today's Holi @bing image makes an excellent desktop background...
  • Mon, 14:29: Finally got a lovely picture of an A350 over Putney; it's hard to hear them coming! #avgeek
  • Mon, 14:32: OK Twitter Hive Mind: I want a Windows tool that can manage a large music library in a format Sonos can use. Recommendations? Not iTunes!
  • Mon, 15:09: A350 on approach to LHR over Putney #flickr https://t.co/9hBfIBILUG
  • Mon, 15:10: The sparrows are back! #flickr https://t.co/V6sz772fTh
  • Mon, 15:11: Drunk Parrot has a complaint: it isn't easy being green #flickr https://t.co/3cpfoKow7h
  • Mon, 15:30: Home microwaves as a camera? Sorry. No. No. Specialised radar systems for analysing room occupancy? Yes. But they're very very short range.
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