December 21st, 2016

My tweets

  • Tue, 16:59: Someone has sent me something via DHL, that needs custom duty paying. It would have been nice to know who and what it was...
  • Tue, 17:29: Ah good, not that it was going to affect us, but the airport workers strike for the weekend has been suspended.
  • Tue, 19:07: If you want to your party/organisation represented on the news media there's a simple trick: have spokespeople ready to talk. That's it.
  • Tue, 19:12: RT @DanielSkipp: Great to film with these young inventors. They've designed a new app for car parking in Jersey! Watch my report on @itvcha
  • Tue, 19:26: People freaked out by pictures of deep sea fish obviously didn't grow up surrounded by copies of National Geographic.
  • Tue, 20:41: @MikeTalonNYC I see Health and Safety was a thing then too.
  • Tue, 22:55: Prisma Parrot #prisma #putney #parrot @ Putney