December 13th, 2016

My tweets

  • Mon, 12:03: Look who's back! It's Pigs in Space! (A very Muppet Alien)
  • Mon, 12:33: Interesting: I chatted with James Gosling about LR earlier this year. Fascinating work going on there.
  • Mon, 12:57: Drunk Parrot's posse is now up to five. Currently in the tree cursing the squirrels in unison.
  • Mon, 15:10: Hoist by their own petard, the Sun and the Mail are already victims of Brexit :-)
  • Mon, 15:32: Recent Reads: Powers Of Detection. Diana Stabenow's collection of fantasy mysteries is a balanced mix of light-reading. Fun, with ravens.
  • Mon, 15:55: Today's soundtrack is a mix of Philip Glass and the piercing shrieks of angry parrots. Somehow it works.
  • Mon, 18:28: Twitter bio of follower describes them as an "Old Victorian", and I wonder If we were at VCJ together. Then I read the next word, "pub"...
  • Mon, 18:48: iOS 10.2 installing. Now, what other updates will I get today?
  • Mon, 20:01: Are 8 screens too many? Asking for a friend.