July 7th, 2016

My tweets

  • Wed, 20:33: RT @codepo8: In @code, press CMD+Shift+P to see all keyboard shortcuts and commands.
  • Wed, 20:36: (Sitting in a sunny Silicon Valley garden writing about a very scary future. I love my job.)
  • Wed, 20:59: (That butterfly was so big it blotted out the sun for a moment.)
  • Wed, 21:23: Now the HD streams have been processed; 3 hours across the US in 6 minutes. Another lovely @VirginAtlantic flight. https://t.co/ntONFXNKEi
  • Wed, 21:50: I'm probably too utopian about open access connectivity, but Facebook's announcement of OpenCellular strikes me as being a huge public good.
  • Wed, 23:02: Hmm. Using my photos in a rewrite of my article without asking for permission? Not good. Not good at all.
  • Thu, 01:40: I've set up a YouTube Channel for my timelapse videos. Enjoy! https://t.co/dyUcioenFw
  • Thu, 01:50: I think we need to find someway to put a tented roof over the terrace back home. This gazebo is a lovely place to work.