July 1st, 2016

My tweets

  • Thu, 19:09: Drunk Parrot has a frenemy: Noisy Magpie.
  • Thu, 20:49: End of the Day. @ London, United Kingdom https://t.co/PmKSDWYj0L
  • Thu, 20:55: It would be interesting to get a list of a) what projects had been funded by EU structural funds and b) how much money had come from the EU.
  • Thu, 20:56: Break an Android N device into pieces, and then cover in chocolate triangles to get a sneak preview of Android T.
  • Thu, 21:07: Finishing up my LattePanda review.
  • Thu, 21:10: An excellent list to add to your TBR. I've only read three of them, but they were excellent. https://t.co/z55PsBsfca
  • Thu, 21:19: (sorry, apparently I was taken in by a parody account)
  • Thu, 22:06: This coming out now isn't going to be good for Gove's campaign: his edits to Johnson's column: https://t.co/hhZ8Vs7GGJ
  • Thu, 22:19: RT @AlsBoy: Here's something you can watch for a few seconds or like me for about five and a half hours https://t.co/tJ7aMU5OFC
  • Thu, 22:22: I am going to be in the US for my first 4th of July. Anything I should know?
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