June 28th, 2016

My tweets

  • Mon, 17:02: The Party of the City seems to have destroyed the City. I don't see the Tories getting those nice directorships for a long long time.
  • Mon, 18:01: Alex Stewart's Shooting The Rift is an complex novel, a Citizen Of The Galaxy riff in a Cold War setting, with a genderflipped space empire.
  • Mon, 18:09: Recent Reads: Shooting The Rift. Alex Stewart's Heinleinesque space opera flirts with Le Carre; espionage amongst interstellar traders.
  • Mon, 18:17: Ah, the @TweetiumWindows update has just pushed to the Store.
  • Mon, 19:50: I think at this point we've now seen that "Project Fear" was actually "Project Best Case". So where do we go from here?
  • Mon, 20:54: Write to Them: https://t.co/ysQWSdUp0A
  • Mon, 21:59: And so it carries on... https://t.co/VI380Vhghl
  • Tue, 11:13: Most odd being at a press conference in a hotel that used to be the offices of a consulting client. Still got the same great view.
  • Tue, 11:24: Interesting how WileyFox can build on services like Amazon Launchpad and Cyanogen.
  • Tue, 11:29: RT @marypcbuk: at the Wileyfox handset launch; journos don't want to ask about the new devices, just what impact #brexit will have on the b…