June 27th, 2016

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My letter to my MP

Dear Ms Greening,

As you know, Wandsworth was one of the strongest Remain votes in London. We now seem to be being dragged into a scenario where the worst case of the so-called "Project Fear" is actually the best case the country can expect, with not just the EU but the whole world ranked against us. We've spent 8 years of austerity to keep our AAA credit rating, only to see that ripped away in an instant, an act that will cost us more each year than we ever sent to the EU.

Can I ask you to work with your compatriots in the House of Commons to vote to reject the outcome of this ill-conceived plebiscite?

In just a handful of days it's done incalculable damage to the whole of the United Kingdom, and looks set to tear the country apart. The Conservative Party is also the Unionist Party, and instead of forcing Scotland and Northern Ireland out the Union surely it should be fighting to keep them in - even if that means remaining part of the EU.
Yes, it puts Members of Parliament at risk of losing their seats, but it's the honourable cause and a risk that must be taken.

If the standard for accepting a union vote is a majority of at least 60% of the voters, surely that should be the case here, where we are affecting the future of not just ourselves, but our children and our children's children?

I look forward to seeing you work to save the country. It's work that's desperately needed.

Yours sincerely,
Simon Bisson