September 29th, 2015

My tweets

  • Mon, 12:34: Simple IoT programming today. I have already built a counter on a Codebug...
  • Mon, 16:19: CES flights booked. #ItGetsEarlierEveryYear
  • Mon, 16:22: (no one down here knows how to work the brakes / but Uncle Sam's on Mars)
  • Mon, 16:24: (That last lyric snippet? Hawkwind:
  • Mon, 16:52: LA is looking for bids for the construction of a pipeline to Mars.
  • Mon, 17:55: Bet the makers of The Martian really wish NASA had waited a month or so before they had their press conference.
  • Mon, 19:25: Codebug touch sensitivity unlocked!
  • Mon, 19:37: RT @AquilaRift: The job of scientists: to find the simplest explanation for Martian water. The job of SF writers: come up with most barking…
  • Mon, 20:04: It`s nice seeing one IoT dev board that works with another more complex one. I think we`re finally getting close to an appropriate taxonomy.
  • Mon, 20:08: Hmm. Surface Pro 3 9/15 firmware updste failed, but haven`t been offered it again.
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