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June 20th, 2013

My tweets

  • Thu, 00:22: Busy day, lots of cloud meetings; in realspace. Up and down the 237 we go...
  • Thu, 00:51: One thing people forget is that Microsoft, internally at least, has always been pretty much anti-DRM. Unless it solves a business problem.
  • Thu, 01:02: Recent Reads: Star Carrier - Deep Space. Book 4 of Ian Douglas' milSF saga. Twenty years on, the Sh'daar are back. Xenopsychology FTW!
  • Thu, 01:03: Sometimes there's nothiing quite like reading a pure unabashed space opera. Especially one with star-smashing incomprehensible aliens.
  • Thu, 07:35: Man Of Steel: more collateral damage than The Avengers. Also, you'll believe a Jerseyman can fly.
  • Thu, 08:45: RT @ian_sales: Did you know that SF Mistressworks has reviewed 174 books by women sf writers, and publishes one new review a week? http://t…