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March 11th, 2013

My tweets

  • Sun, 13:06: That's brave, naming a PR company after a notoriously inaccurate type of weapon...
  • Sun, 13:34: RT @MorganJLocke: The Singer Who Fell to Earth http://t.co/b1KdScsPu7
  • Sun, 21:02: Still wondering why Tweetdeck on one laptop won't post to Facebook, while it does on other machines. Quite odd.
  • Sun, 21:05: Introduced to the delights of Nashville (the TV show) last night by @wendyg. Impressed by the music - and I'm not a country music person.
  • Sun, 22:18: On the red wall http://t.co/79ApOIaeni
  • Sun, 22:39: RT @marypcbuk: My mum loved books & food &taught me I could do anything. Celebrated mother's day by cooking & building a boo ...
  • Sun, 22:44: RT @DrPizza: In a fit of brilliance, EA has done what it should have done during the beta: put up a test SimCity server to test changes ...