January 31st, 2013

My tweets

  • Wed, 12:58: Phew. Both tax returns done. Now back to the book page proofs. Chapter 5.
  • Wed, 13:15: Tried the Windows Phone reply by text function. Wow, I must be busy, I am not even taking calls from myself.
  • Wed, 13:51: Off to the #bb10 launch. Will be interesting to see the putting together of all the bits we have been tracking over the last two years.
  • Wed, 15:01: SRO in London #bb10 http://t.co/BYIXrW5g
  • Wed, 15:04: So #bb10 is delivering the QNX mobile computing messaging.
  • Wed, 15:16: @crackberrykevin You should donate the tail to Locks of Love. Wigs for kids on chemo.
  • Wed, 15:27: RT @asaunders: Thorsten "Today RIM becomes BlackBerry" nasdaq BBRY tsx BB
  • Wed, 15:38: BlackBerry hub builds on the Gist acquisition. #bb10
  • Wed, 15:41: RT @mbrit: I really cannot express just HOW GOOD the new #blackberry10 keyboard is. Utterly fantastic.
  • Wed, 15:43: RT @DrPizza: In the fictional parallel universe I like to live in, BB10's hubs would inspire Microsoft to beef up its own, with e.g. ext ...
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