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November 8th, 2012

My tweets

  • Wed, 15:47: When liberals”Go Galt”, they give kids educational wooden toys.
  • Wed, 16:23: RT @KameronHurley: Remember that you can still get FREE copies of GOD'S WAR & INFIDEL until tomorrow! http://t.co/EvzETqF3
  • Wed, 16:43: Is there a feed of new Windows Phone 8 apps anywhere?
  • Wed, 17:20: RT @maryjofoley: Download for MS' SQL Server 2012 SP1 is here: http://t.co/kC9xJR0v
  • Wed, 17:44: Someone has to be having a laugh. Just found a repackaged public domain book in the Windows Store for $999.99
  • Wed, 17:45: Ayesha, the Return of She by H. Rider Haggard -a snip at just a smidge under $1000 http://t.co/Jx4UB9A3
  • Wed, 17:56: RT @JonathanHaynes: Best story EVER. Brian Cox banned from listening to planet because BBC feared aliens could breach editorial guidelin ...
  • Wed, 18:00: My Surface wishlist now includes glow-in-the-dark TouchCovers.
  • Wed, 21:56: Driving through mountains on a beautiful autumn day. Oregon at its finest.
  • Thu, 04:21: Ended up in Willows for the night. Listening to the weather forecast it looks like we made the right decision to get through the mountains.
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