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August 10th, 2012

My tweets

  • Thu, 13:03: ZDNet blog post: Hacked journalist reminds us security is people plus process http://t.co/aQT9vGDG #zdnet
  • Thu, 13:51: Fitting the new flooring outside the spare room has met the @obs3sd definition of a project. Blood has been shed. My blood, to be precise.
  • Thu, 16:38: @BenWoodsZD RIM has shipped dual-SIM Curves for emerging markets.
  • Thu, 17:09: @mbrit Kayak is good for getting prices, though I usually just go straight to @virginatlantic :-)
  • Thu, 18:52: It's a nice evening, so it's up to the roof to write for a bit. London is hidden in the green, while parrots shriek. Exotic in the suburbs.
  • Thu, 18:54: Weird. One of the pulsing flower things from Avatar just floated past, And another. Someone must have a cottonwood in their garden.
  • Thu, 19:08: A380s lumber, A320s dash. Not quite sure of the Boeings, but the 777s kind of waddle.
  • Thu, 19:15: Who needs Blur's Park Life? I live the roof life!
  • Thu, 19:16: "There's a wood pigeon in there somewhere. I can hear it go thud." @marypcbuk "There's always a wood pigeon."
  • Thu, 19:21: Siri Reads The Book of the Dead http://t.co/a5Ir2WOE<- Awesomeness from Patrick Farley
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A Very British Mission To Mars

From the folk at Reaction Engines, the team developing the Skylon, a proposal for a Mars mission that's very reminiscent of Werner von Braun's Chesley Bonestell-illustrated 1950's mission proposal.

Welcome to yesterday's tomorrow, today!

(link via Jim Burns on Facebook)

Troy - Mission to Mars from Reaction Engines Ltd on Vimeo.