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May 8th, 2012

My tweets

  • Mon, 17:30: Recent Reads: Baby, Would I Lie? Donald Westlake mixes crime and egregious tabloid journalism in a satirical country music romp. Yee haw!
  • Mon, 17:36: RT @TheRomit: The $99 Xbox with $15/mo subscription is official. http://t.co/dDXX6nFL $MSFT #HugeDeal
  • Mon, 18:24: RT @ianbetteridge: "Google has good intentions. But intentions aren't enough." (via @Pocket) #longreads http://t.co/8451Qzrd
  • Mon, 19:33: So, the only thing wrong with The Avengers? It has the wrong title. Should have been The Ultimates!
  • Mon, 20:10: RT @marypcbuk: What the new RIM CEO cares about; consumer AND enterprise, performance, mobile computing & squashing BlackBerry myths ...
  • Mon, 20:12: RT @toddbishop: Judge in Microsoft-Motorola case says 'court is well aware that it is being played as a pawn in a global industry wide b ...
  • Mon, 20:23: Watching The Avengers in the US we got a second little teaser in the credits. But which one was it? The one with... or the one in...?
  • Mon, 21:08: ' @gcaughey @mbrit Same here, with this tm2. Mix of touch and keypad and pen.
  • Mon, 21:39: RT @t: "sorry that I offended ..." blames listener, is not an apology; "sorry I was offensive" is. #cnn #brogrammer: http://t.co/ZwL1GVes
  • Mon, 23:05: Skydrive running on the server. That's one big improvement over Live Mesh.
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So, we had some iced tea, and we had some dry ice.

Why not mix the two?

The result was science in action! Yes, with just a few simple ingredients you too can be Heston Blumenthal.