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April 10th, 2012

My tweets

  • Mon, 12:11: Shutting down comments on some heavily spam attacked blog posts. I don't think I'm going to get many relevant comments on 8 year old posts.
  • Mon, 12:18: Things to do on a wet Easter Monday: #1 Go through and tidy up the music library folders.
  • Mon, 13:25: Oh come on, phishers. Show some intelligence. Closed banking brands aren't going to be asking me to verify my account. They don't exist.
  • Mon, 13:28: Fixed a problem with @marypcbuk's Windows 8 update to her laptop by turning a driver off and on again. This is not a recommended technique.
  • Mon, 13:32: Lovng the text in the XKCD oceans cartoon. "The Abyss: It's Rude To Stare" http://t.co/iCZ54Hxx
  • Mon, 14:19: Here's Robert Holdstock's novella that came bundled with the original BBC Micro version of Elite: http://t.co/NAdlyXXx
  • Mon, 18:13: First Android, now Facebook. I wonder what the iPhone Instagram tweets are going to be like tonight... (ht @marypcbuk for the thought)
  • Mon, 18:46: Who's got the headline bingo card for Instagram/Facebook. My money's on "snaps up" and any pun on "develops".
  • Mon, 18:49: If the MS/AOL deal is the Netscape patents, that's a lot of basic browser functionality as well as web servers. Oh, and JavaScript.
  • Mon, 19:06: Anyone know when the MMS 2012 app hits the Windows Phone marketplace?
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