June 20th, 2011

My tweets

  • Sun, 22:42: @JoeBaguley Good luck for tomorrow!
  • Sun, 22:43: Today I am mostly writng about cloud things. Feel like I should be having an Orb soundtrack...
  • Sun, 22:57: Finished reading all of Johnny Wander to date - a wonderful autobiographical web comic with diversions. Recommended. http://bit.ly/l7Jxws
  • Sun, 23:19: Thanks to @codepope - The Flying White Dots. http://bit.ly/jWxYVF Psychedlic ambient mashupery.
  • Mon, 00:10: Oh, that was fun. Just been for a ride in a friend's Morgan Aero Super Sport. British engineering in the California sun. What ho chaps!
  • Mon, 00:20: RT @Radlein: RT @pourmecoffee: Dating website for beautiful people informs 30,000 people they are not. http://bit.ly/kOW1Sw
  • Mon, 00:22: Oh, the hardship. It's time to move my working site to under the arbor. Living la vida laptop.
  • Mon, 00:38: California skies: http://flic.kr/p/9UYz4e
  • Mon, 01:56: Oh joy, there is an economic incentive built into Bitcoin to break into other people's computers and delete (not steal) their wallets. Fail.
  • Mon, 01:58: So Bitcoin is just like the Highlander at the end of the day, duelling blackhats until there is only one.
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