May 16th, 2011

My tweets

  • Sun, 14:27: Aargh. The shift from west coast to east coast time is painful. Especially when you need to get to a meeting at 8am.
  • Sun, 15:26: Atlanta air conditioning fierce. Suspect the fire in Gone With The Wind was just some one trying to keep warm...
  • Sun, 15:50: @pjbryant @markparris Time travel conferences! I meant 2011...
  • Sun, 16:17: Tip: Folk heading to the centre of Atlanta from the airport for #teched, use the MARTA light rail - only $2.50 rather than $30+ for a cab.
  • Sun, 18:39: I can haz blue drink.
  • Sun, 18:41: MS starting an arms race with Toad with Juneau. A good thing for DB developers. #msteched