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November 5th, 2010

My tweets

  • Wed, 23:19: Driving across the 520 bridge to get into Seattle for a meeting, spotted a bald eagle on a streetlamp. #youdontseethatinlondon
  • Wed, 23:24: Interesting run of meetings at Microsoft this week. Underlying theme: Redmond's cloud transition has started, and it's nigh unstoppable.
  • Wed, 23:36: Cafe Vivace's lattes with a shot of caramel are a drop of ambrosia on a busy day.
  • Thu, 05:39: Editing Twitter and Facebook autoposters for my various blogs. Think it's all working now, with hopefuly no loops...
  • Thu, 05:47: The Edge Of The Cactus http://j.mp/cuAmCW