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June 25th, 2010


I've put my unlocked 16GB iPhone 3G up on eBay.

Why, yes, I did get an iPhone 4 yesterday...



Driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway, if not the longest, then certainly the narrowest, US National Park, we stopped at Brinegar Cabin, in North Carolina. It's a beautiful spot (at least in the spring), a hollow in the top of the mountains, with a cabin looking east down a valley.

I was walking round the cabin, looking for things to photograph, when I met...


I can only describe it as the Incredible Hulk of bees. Pumped up on what must have been steroid infused pollen, it was the size of a small hummingbird - and it wasn't happy. Oh no. The demure drone of a British bee was replaced with a whining rasp, as it stood me down in an ominous hover. This was not going to end well...

It's a Bee!

Brinegar Cabin, North Carolina
May 2010