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January 19th, 2010

Once More Into The Breach

Driving up the Big Sur coast on a clear January day you'll see them, all the way out to the horizon.

First there's a puff of spray, then the long rolling grey back. The whales are moving again, making their way up and down the Pacific coast. Grey, humpback, blue: they're out there, under the waves, emerging for a moment or two. Scan the waves and grab a photo, and perhaps you'll see more than just the spray of superheated air as they exhale.

Sometimes they roll, flippers and flukes out the water. Sometimes they leap, breaching the gap between air and ocean to fall back with a splash. Sometimes they just dive deep, a tail hanging in the air, flukes wide against the waves.

Occasionally you're lucky enough to get just the right photograph.

Once More Into The Breach

Big Sur, California
January 2010