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December 31st, 2009

I outlined it (with light)

I like sunsets, and I like photographing sunsets.

2009 has been a good year for them, too.

I remember it starting with a sunset flowing darkness down the Colorado river, as it lit the walls of the Grand Canyon with yellow light. I remember Ruby Beach, in the teeth of a gale, as a bald eagle drifted down the yellow light. I remember the flare of bright light as the sun fell over the Pacific on a Hawaiian evening, silhouetting the heiau.

I remember the lilac London summer evenings as volcanic ash reflected colours from the stratosphere. I remember crouching on the roof, trying to focus in on spiderwebs, hoping to catch a strand of gold in the evening sky. I remember standing on Beachy Head, watching the sun gild the autumn clouds, rolling down into a steely Channel. I remember the chill of New York December, seeing the Empire State Building turn yellow in the evening light.

There's one place, though, that I'll never forget, the place where the sunsets have been with me since I was born.

It's seems fitting to end a year of sunsets with images of the sunset from Christmas Day on my home island of Jersey.

Greve D'Azette Sunset

Greve D'Azette Sunset

St Clements, Jersey CI
December 2009

Take your best shot

I've been trying to think which of my photographs taken in 2009 is my favourite.

Was it the lava flowing into the sea in Hawaii, the honu on a black sand beach, the cliffs over Zion, the road down into Monument Valley, the feathers of a low flying turkey buzzard?

There's one I keep coming back to, one that ended up as the cover of the Blurb book I made and gave my family this Christmas. It's a simple image, a rose on a cold January day at a Paso Robles winery. I thin I like it because of the colours and the sharpness of the foreground, the red against a blurred green background.

I wonder what images 2010 will bring.

Winter Rose

Paso Robles, California
January 2009