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November 2nd, 2009

Fall Coloured

Boston was, in more ways than one, a bit of a washout.

Not only did I have a dose of the man flu, but the weather had taken a distinctly wintry tone, and the rain was coming done solidly for most of the time we were there. Then, on the last morning, the skies cleared and the sun came out.

It was crisp and clear when we walked across from our hotel to Boston Common, wandering around the pond where the Swan Boats paddle in summer. The trees were well into their fall colours, bright reds and yellows amongst the faded greens.

Boston Fall Colours

Boston Fall Colours

Boston Fall Colours

It's something we really don't get here...

Boston, Massachusetts
October 2009

The Claw Is My Master!

Las Vegas is the strangest place on this weird old planet. It's a prime example of the peculiarities of humanity, the highs and the lows.

Deep in the bowels of Bally's, on the way to monorail, we saw an old fashioned arcade claw machine. Oooh, we thought, a touch of old school deep in the heart of the Strip. Then we realised what the claw was picking up. That machine suddenly became one of the lows. But in a weirdly cool way...

It was picking up lobsters.

Live lobsters.

Straight out of the tank. Pay $4 and if you manage to grab a squirming crustacean, your dinner is free.

It was really quite disturbing, imagining the lobsters scurrying away from the descending claw, in some obscene parody of a scene from Toy Story.

Playing with the Food

Las Vegas, Nevada
October 2009