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September 18th, 2009

This isn't going to end well...

There's nothing that stares quite so well as a pissed-off cat.

And there's no cat quite so good at being pissed-off as our Ben. When he gets his snit on, it's quite clear the whole world is against him, and that it manifests its bile in the shape of everything around him. Especially in cameras.

Me, I'm keeping back at a safe distance.

This isn't going to end well...

Putney, London
September 2009

Somewhere, Canada

Growing up on an island you grow up with horizons.

The aren't the fading into the distance plains, or the misty mountains and foothills. They're lines drawing stark between ocean and sky, broken here and there by distant reefs and the silhouettes of the rest of the archipelago.

Then there are the hazy days, when everything fades into the bright distance.

It was one of those days when we visited Whidbey back in June, where the still waters of the Puget Sound lapped on the warm rocks of the beaches, and sea birds skimmed the languid waves. And of course, somewhere, out there, was Canada.

Somewhere, Canada

Whidbey Island, Washington
June 2009