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June 24th, 2009


There are an awful lot of recent arrivals on the Big Island.

Not people - instead the Hawaiian islands are a text book case on the downside of animal introductions. Everywhere you go you see them, the cardinals, the mynah birds, the mongoose. And every where you go you don't see them, the nene, the mamo.

There are still some endemic species. High in the rainforest on Kilauea you'll see 'apapane flitting about, small red birds with black wings. They're honeycreepers, feeding on nectar from the trees around the craters. If you're lucky you'll get to see the rarer 'i'iwi with its scarlet beak.

Here's an 'apapane feeding on the slopes of the Kilauea Iki crater.

ʻiʻiwi honeycreeper

Kilauea, Hawaii
June 2009

Red Sky at Night

I like a good sunset, where the sun meets the edge of the world, and sets the clouds on fire.

One of the best places I've found for them is Seattle. There's something about how the combination of Puget Sound, the Olympics and the Cascades come together, along with the northern Pacific light.

Here's the view one night back at the start of June, from the hill above elimloth and spiritmoving's condo in Kirkland.

Red Sky At Night

Red Sky At Night

Kirkland, Washington
June 2009


Nom nom nom

Last night I went up on the roof terrace.

There was a spider in the railings, repairing its web after a day in the sun. All that was left of something it had eaten had was still there, just a small wing on the threads.

Nature, green in fang and ichor.

Sunset Spider

Putney, London
June 2009