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June 13th, 2009

Goodbye to the Jeffster

Here's Jeoffrey as I aim to remember him, twice as large as life and calmly taking everything in his stride.

There's nothing quite like a Maine, all ruff and dignity wrapped up in a calm self confidence - and still willing to take risks. Shortly before we left on this trip, he jumped out onto next door's roof, a brave leap even when he had all four legs. He seemed most unconcerned, even when we had to climb a wall to fetch him down...

He will be missed.

Up on the roof

Hawaii so far

Just a few impressions:

  • Flying in over blue blue waters.
  • Airports built around the trees.
  • Deep valleys full of viridian verdance.
  • Spinner dolphins leaping from a silver sea.
  • Slow turtles in warm rock pools.
  • Slinky mongoose in the hedges.
  • Goats on the golf courses.
  • The sound of rain on a tin roof.
  • Flowers everywhere.
  • Pink guava sweet bread.
  • Bright bright fish skittering across the water.
  • Moray eels sinuous in a floodlit pool.
  • Organic coffee high in the cloud forest, on the farm.
  • Decaying theatres.
  • Looking up at Mauna Kea and seeing the white dots of the observatory through a gap in the cloud.</i>
  • Eating the sweet flesh of a coffee cherry in the rain.
  • Red red birds.
  • The smoke rising up from the caldera of an erupting volcano.
  • Turtles basking on black sand.
  • Fine dining in down market shopping malls.
  • Green green geckos with electric blue eyes.
  • Phil Spector's Wall of Frog on a warm Hilo night.
  • Papaya and lime at breakfast.
  • Black crabs on black lava.
  • White coral beaches.
  • Twisty roads and single lane bridges.
  • Yellow yellow birds.
  • Nene crossing signs.
  • Tourists jumping from cliffs into the sea.
  • Stopping at roadside fruit stands for fresh juice .
  • Black lava just being colonised by plants.
I've still to take any photos off my camera! One thing I know for sure - I do want to come back to the Big Island.


When your name is your brand...

...the proliferation of social networks makes it hard to keep your brand under control.

At least I'm not that popular a brand, so reserving my usual "sbisson" on Facebook wasn't hard. I think there are maybe three Simon Bissons online, and the only one who might also be wanting my usual username is an up-and-coming Canadian ice hockey player in one of the minor leagues. It's not surprising that social media consultants make a decent living handling things like that for big name brands - cybersquatting is at best an annoyance, at worst an act of sabotage.

Even so, the act of setting it up using a mobile phone so many thousand miles from home was slightly nostalgic, reminding me of warm summer evenings in the courtyard of The Lamb with the folk from cix:bofh registering our domain on a (then) brand shiny new Libretto and a direct connected Nokia phone while drinking a decent pint or three.

Ah, the heady days of the mid-1990s. Will we ever see their like again?