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May 13th, 2009

Grandville! Grandville!

Not so much an obscure Open All Hours reference as more a dose of steampunk Rupert the Bear detective fiction starring a badger, Bryan Talbot's next book Grandville is due in October.

In advance, here's an animated trailer put together by Bryan's friend Jordan (who did the cover for Alice in Sunderland).

"Badgers? We don't need no steenkin' badgers!"

Travel recommendations: Hawaii?

We've got some vacation time set aside as part of this US trip, and we're wondering if folk out there have any recommendations about places to stay on the Hawaiian islands - along with things to do and see (and eat!)?

We'll be flying from either Seattle or San Francisco early in June, and are thinking of staying around a week. I'm currently thinking about either Oahu or Big Island - though we're happy to go elsewhere! We're happy to go low budget and motel it, and we're not fussed by resort hotels. Scenery a plus, along with interesting places to visit.