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April 16th, 2009

Editing my 25 things

Way back in February I wrote:
19. I have seen 9 different Cirque De Soleil shows, including all but one of the fixed shows in Las Vegas. That's only because it's just opened.
I really should correct that.

19. I have seen 10 different Cirque De Soleil shows, including all of the fixed shows in Las Vegas.
BeLieve is better than many of the early reviews, though that's not surprising, as it had a complete reworking in January. There's possibly a little too much magic and a little too little Cirque, but all in all it works. I do find Criss Angel quite amusing - he spends his time trying to appear edgy, but he's really quite a nice chap who's actually a rather decent illusionist.

And hey, I'll go for anything with Tesla coils.

The lighthouse and the squall

Moominpapa at Sea is my favourite of Tove Jansson's books. It's dark and bleak, much like the sea and the lighthouse of the story. The air of melancholy and impermanence remains with the reader long after the book is on the shelf.

So as I stood on Ruby Beach, on the far west of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, I spotted the nearest thing I've seen to that island where the Moomins tried to live. It was flat, right out on the horizon, nothing visible apart from the towering lighthouse in the middle of the bleakness. Squalls of sleet were sweeping in across the cold North Pacific.



A bald eagle flew out of the storm, flicked a wing and was gone with the wind.

The lighthouse and the squall

Ruby Beach, Washington
March 2009