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April 15th, 2009

Stars on the edge

One thing about a childhood full of National Geographics: there are places and things that seem so natural, so right when you finally see them that you almost mistake it for deja vu. Call it "deja geo" for want of a term.

The deep tidal coves of the Oregon coast were part of that world of printer's inks and glossy paper, they became flesh and rock and shell, and now they've turned into the digital pixels of the modern memory machine. It's a metamorphosis of sorts, a transmigration between the realms of thought and memory.

Let's start with the starfish.

The cold waters of the north Pacific are fertile places, full of algae and plankton. The waves crash on rocks, rocks that are covered with sea anemones, barnacles, mussels and limpets. Their predators cling to the rocks too, bright starfish, holding on with the suction of a myriad tiny tubes. As the waves wash in and out you see them: red, brown, orange and purple. These aren't the stereotypically arrayed dried corpses of the souvenir shops - they're twisted and contorted as they hold fast to the rocks.

They stand alone, or knotted in groups.

Clinging On

You watch the waves roll over them, expecting them to be dashed away.

Clinging On

Others hide in the cracks, their purple flesh patterned by white bony dots.

Clinging On

Oregon Coast
April 2009

When you grow up, my son...

...someday you'll get to play with the really BIG Legos.

Take these sea defences on dunes at Twin Harbors on the Washington coast. Huge concrete blocks with very familiar nubs on the top. It's a pity I wasn't able to check out the underneath, but they have the makings of a very nice Duplo set...

Big Legos

Twin Harbors, Washington
March 2009

Reasons to hire me to write for you...

...as while I was last in the US I seem to have been rated as one of "The most developer savvy reporters and editors in the UK" by James Governor from the RedMonk group of analysts.

Excuse me while I go and cool down my swelling head. That and continue to get this System Centre Essentials install working...

Thanks James!