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March 9th, 2009

Bokeh Cholla

Spring in Joshua Tree, and the teddy bear cholla are fresh and green.

We walked slowly round the nature trail in the largest cholla patch, stepping carefully over the shed arm sections that would someday be the tall spiky cacti that loomed over the path. The bright sun reflected off the sterile fruit and the yellow-white spines. The purple spines of tall desert flowers nodded in the breeze, zigzagging in and out the reaching arms of the cholla.

It was a beautiful day in the desert.

Spring Cholla

Spring Cholla

Spring Cholla

Shallow depth of field seems to work well for this sort of photograph...
Who needs Kindle when you have Book?

"That's because Book is the new wireless platform that never needs to be recharged. It's got an an intuitive touched-based interface we're very proud of. Book works with the shelves you have at home."

Penny Arcade hits it out of the stadium again.

In other Book related news I seem to have scored an early ARC of The Burning Skies. As Mirrored Heavens was one of my favourite books of last year, I'm looking forward to reading it...