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  • Mon, 16:38: RT @physicsJ: The capsule of @haya2e_jaxa has been opened, here is the sample of asteroid Ryugu that was collected! It has the appearance o…
  • Mon, 17:02: RT @AlexTHoffman: Goodnight Zoom
  • Mon, 17:18: I do wish that someone had named a programming language KOLOB. It would have terraces, canyons, and peaks. And be mainly red.
  • Mon, 21:18: The kittens have been much entertained by me doing the bins for the week; who knew there was a behind the recycling bin in the kitchen and that it led to their water fountain?
  • Mon, 21:32: Dear PR people: if you send a review marked-up Word file in email without accepting all the changes, Outlook will show what you changed between versions. It can be quite useful for us journalists...
  • Tue, 09:57: So I may have made a mistake. I bought the kittens a catnip mouse on a stick. I did not realise it was a RealMouse™. They have removed the tab that I did not know about and it is making tiny plaintive little squeaks as they pull it around the house.
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    Fri, 15:08: Today's soundtrack is live New Order. Fri, 15:42: Keybow 2040 in action……

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    Thu, 14:15: RT @ Cmdr_Hadfield: Can you pass this astronaut test? One seat on @ blueorigin's 20 July spaceflight is up for auction. Details:…

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    Wed, 14:17: Over at @ InfoWorld I take a dive into Azure's new Web PubSub service, a websocket-based messaging hub architecture for real time…

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