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December 29th, 2008


Clearing out the spam folder on our mail server, I found a piece of spam that gave me a little twinge of nostalgia, taking me back to those heady days of 1994.

Yes, I got some Green Card spam.

Wow. Commercial spam is over 14 years old - in fact nearly 15 years. The spamgularity awaits.

Across the wide spaces

Another image from our recent trip to Jersey.

We met up with one of my oldest school friends at his St Ouen's Bay café. It's currently being rebuilt, and we climbed up to the roof to look at the view. It's slap bang in the middle of the bay, and the bay curves round to the encircling arms of the island cliffs. An Atlantic swell was rolling in, amplified by the rapid shelving beach and giving the surfers a challenging set of waves.

The sun was starting its rapid winter descent through the last of the anti-cyclonic haze, turning the air that peculiar white gold you only ever get at this time of the year, framed between the solid columns of Corbiere Lighthouse and Rocco Tower.

A dog ran into the waves.

Across the wide spaces

A few minutes later a surfer was wading out through the icy water, ready to join his compatriots floating out where the waves began to break...

Wading the board

St Ouen's Bay, St Peter, Jersey
December 2008